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More than 100 years of adventure

  • 1915   General Tire was founded 29th of September, 1915 as General Tire Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio.
  • 1920s   General Tire revolutionized tyre manufacturing and became known as a technology leader with the invention of the low pressure General   Balloon Jumbos. This was the first of many key innovations which position the company at the top of the industry’s premium tyre producers.
  • 1930   With the mass motorization in the USA, General Tire begins a process of international expansion by building a production line in Mexico.
  • 1943   General Tire discovers the carbon black latex-mixing masterbatch principle.
  • 1955   General Tire commences Original Equipment supply to General Motors and for other major automobile manufacturers.
  • 1959  General Tire opened the world’s largest tyre testing track in Texas.
  • 1960s   General Tire extends its manufacturing footprint across the USA.
  • 1987  Continental AG purchased the tire division of General Tire Inc.
  • 2000   Opening of a new European Distribution Warehouse. General Tire decides to complete their product range and to keep the focus of a high quality brand that is suited for tough and rough environment.
  • 2013   Launch of the Grabber GT SUV tyre for onroad use based on European demands.
  • 2015   Launch of the Grabber HTS 60.
  • 2016   Launch of the Grabber Arctic, Grabber AT3, Grabber X3.
  • 2017   Launch of the Snow Grabber Plus.
  • 2018 Launch of the Grabber A/S 365, General Tire’s first entry to SUV All Season market.
  • 2021   Launch of the Grabber GT Plus.